The Value Of A Good Name

Sitting at the barbers today and an elderly man walked in. I recognised him as an old vendor and acquaintance of my late father.

I’d never spoken to him in my life and had no intention of introducing myself. For some reason the barber asked if we knew each other. I decided to break cover. I told him my name and that many years ago my father and him had done a little business together.

His eyes glistened and he began to regale what a special man my father was. How he was hardworking, honest and straight. How he was smart, dependable and fair. How he was a man of integrity and kindness. The man spoke loudly. The barber and other customers in the shop heard every word.

Locked in the barber’s chair, listening to this man recount my father’s character traits, unable to move and slightly overwhelmed, I came to a realisation.

Of all the incredible things my beloved father gave me, the most important was a good name to live up to.